Wednesday, 5 October 2016

New Grads: Dress For Success!

New Grads: Dress For Success!

In the following post, Lewis Daidone discusses how looking your absolute best not only helps boost your confidence, it inspires confidence in others. Lewis Daidone is a Certified Public Accountant and a consultant to tech companies and financial services firms.

Although dress codes have become more relaxed, there are still many firms that will require you to observe certain—possibly fairly rigid—dress codes. Even if you have to wear business professional attire, you can still comply and look unique and stylish, too. When you look polished, well-groomed, and professional, you create an unmistakable aura of success. Here are a few basic tips for looking like a million bucks in the workplace.

Tailor your suits.

Few young people bother to have their suits professionally tailored; you can tell by the boxy, bunching, ill-fitting suit jackets they wear. Both men and women can benefit from employing the services of a tailor – your clothing will look well-made, and you will look slimmer and more comfortable, too.

Keep it conservative, but add a little color

While business attire is meant to communicate proficiency and seriousness, you’re probably not going to be at your professional best if you feel like you’re dressed as an imposter. If you’re concerned about masking your individuality by wearing conservative clothing, you can always add hints of your personal style in the form of one or two colorful accessories, like argyle socks, a brightly colored handkerchief or scarf, or a bold tie-clip.

Try unique accessories.

Having a few elements of tasteful whimsy in your wardrobe actually serves a professional purpose. While strict business professional attire can be intimidating to some (particularly if you’re working with clients), having a few items that showcase your fun side can let people know that you’re open and relatable. Cufflinks; suspenders; a nice, heavy watch; a tie pin—are all acceptable business attire, while simultaneously being great additions for wardrobe personalization.

It might seem obvious, but if you’re going to shine in the workplace, it is extremely important to shine on the outside, too. You will not only look the part, you will feel it, too.

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